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+Google Pixel Deadline—10 Days To Update Or Stop Using Your Phone
Google’s Pixel update had a nasty sting in its tail this month. Buried in amongst dozens of important and run rate updates and Android’s quarterly feature drop, was CVE-2024-32896. This high-severity firmware vulnerability, Google warned, “may be under limited, targeted exploitation.” Google provided little detail on this zero-day—more on that below, but the U.S. government has stepped in and ordered federal employees to update their Pixel devices before July 4 “or discontinue use of the product.” That gives you just ten days to act.

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+4 Tips To Stop Your Phone From Overheating This Summer
As the summer approaches, pools, beaches, and barbecues begin to occupy our time. But while you’re soaking up rays, so is your smartphone, and it’s your wallet that will pay the price when your phone suffers damage from overheating. Last summer was the hottest on record by a large amount, and this year could be even more sweltering, so it’s more important than ever to keep both you and your smartphone from suffering the effects of excess heat.

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+Why The US Government Banned Kaspersky, One Of The Biggest Anti-Virus Tools
The U.S. government has banned Kaspersky, the popular anti-virus software, over national security risks. The determination was issued by the Office of Information and Communications Technology and Services (OICTS) — part of the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). Once the order comes into effect, any resale, integration, or licensing of Kaspersky cybersecurity products will be prohibited on U.S. soil.

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+Microsoft just recalled the latest Windows 11 update
Microsoft just taught us another lesson on why it’s sometimes a good idea not to get every update as soon as it’s made available. The latest non-security Windows preview update proved to have such dire consequences that Microsoft had to pull it, making it so that more people wouldn’t download it anymore. This happened after reports came flooding in of various users being stuck in boot loops and experiencing problems with starting up their PCs.

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+Analysts say average laptop RAM quota will reach 11.8GB in 2024 — up 12% year-on-year
Microsoft recently set the standard for modern laptops when it launched its Microsoft Copilot+ PCs. Aside from the 40 TOPS minimum of AI compute performance, the company said that these machines also need a minimum default 16GB RAM. Thus, manufacturers that want to get on the AI bandwagon are now putting 16GB as the minimum RAM for their laptops.

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